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PSYCLOPSv1 For Google Glass


installation instructions:
Have your Glass in Debug Mode and use ADB
adb install PSYCLOPSv1.apk

Make sure you Glass is on and showing a screen (because this is all a hack at the moment)

adb shell am start -n com.seantron.PSYCLOPS/com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayerProxyActivity

It starts out with just Menu screens while it loads and says STARTING at the top, it gives you a while so you can get your bearings. Then you’ll see the time count down 3, 2, 1 GO.

It’s a Virtual Reality game, that you have to look and lock on to alien ships to destroy them. You have to follow them until you see 3 Circles appear for lock. You have 60 seconds to destroy as many as you can. You have to look into the Sky to find the Alien Ships.

After the game is over look down and lock on to Play to start another game.

The game is very very beta at the moment.

Here’s a video explaining more:

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